20 Apr 2013

Okey dokey
So what's new then? Lets see

I have been working like the proverbial demon and getting stuff done. So I have been confirmed as exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead this summer which is nice, with the good people at Eduardo Allesandro Studios from Dundee (www.eastudio.com) . They liked my work and liked it so much that my painting ‘A Vicious Cycle’ is going to be the image they use in the show catalogue, which I am really pleased about.
So paintings, what’s being going on. Well the latest offerings have all been finished in a flurry of painterly activity, I tend to work in spurts (oooer!), it’s all or nothing and this last lot have been the all part of the all or nothing going’s on.

This month I showed in the Energize Don’t Hold Back group show down in Sunny Dartford. The show looked great and was the first effort of curating a show by Gee Higgins and he did a great job with lots of excellent urban and street art on the walls. I showed an original oil and a print on canvas, they didn’t sell but you can’t win em all!

Some of my work was shown in the March edition of Catapult Magazine. Catapult is a fabulous mag and every edition is packed from cover to cover with some of the best new art around, it’s a true art lovers magazine and well worth the price, especially as I’m in it! (LOL)

So below are the three latest paintings, ‘A Vicious Cycle’ of Sly from the USA, Sly is  homeboy from LA, and has a very distinctive look that lends itself perfectly to oil. 

The second is ‘Ellis Cooper’. Ellis is a much sought after model, she’s a lovely lady and I look forward to showing her the finished result. 

Thirdly there is ‘Innocent In My Mind Forever’, another painting of Damien Hirst, my third and counting, it also has a tribute to Francis Bacon in there too, an artist much admired by myself and Mr Hirst. I may well show Mr Hirst the painting and if he’s very nice , may give it to him, better still we could do a swap, he’ll be the one making on the deal! LMAO

I have been given the nod that another gallery in central London are very interested in showing me but I wont say who they are right now for fear of the dreaded (New York Solo Show) curse, but I will keep you posted.

Then there is the ‘Immortal Beloved’ project with film Director Ray Burdis. Who would have thought getting a dead Russian gangsters body into the UK to show the general public would be so hard??
At the moment and without being to crude our donor is still in deep freeze, and it’s amazing the cost of keeping him on ice, the ‘friends and associates’ who are looking after him tell us that £5,000 a month is the cost of electricity in Russia! Who am I to complain???

Other than that I have been magnificent, but that’s just me!

9 Mar 2013


Bless me Father I have sinned it's been ages since my last confession, er I mean blog!

So what's been happening since the last load of old dribble I have spouted? Well its seems to be art fair season and all the art in the world is being shifted from country to country like a migrating flock of arty swallows all dressed in black, the lesser spotted Cressida and Jonty, ooh get me having a go at the arty types!!
Me and Mrs Storm were very fortunate to get VIP passes into the Art13 show at Olympia courtesy of Nigel Cox (he of the fabulous paintings fame) and we were incredibly pleased to go to what was without doubt the best art fair I have been to full stop, full of fabulous stuff from all over the place, a great show and one that will have the frieze, London Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fairs quaking in their boots. It was truly inspirational! Imagine that someone else inspiring me, amazing! LMAO
Art13, even the vermin were artier than normal!

I was approached by a gallery in London to show at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea but then they showed my work to the independent panel who say what gets in and it was turned down as it would not fit in. I went to the Affordable this week, no shortage of boobs, and lady bits, willies, guns and the like but I think as some of mine touched on religion they were excluded, does no one have any balls any more?

I have been asked by another gallery if I would like to exhibit with them at the Affordable in Hampstead? I said yes but lets see if it gets passed the Middle England curtain twitchers on the panel!

And on a commercial note, (here comes the hard sell) I have just released the print version of my Yakuza oil painting, a big old chunk of A2 lovliness for a mere £80, I know I'm cutting my own throat, but if I didn't you would have just hired a hitman!


And if you have managed to get to the end of this blog without nodding off, BRAVO!!!