13 Dec 2011

Day 5

Ok now I know the last one I did was day 3 but that also incorporated day 4 beause nothing much happened in between so I am actually doing today today, which is a bit like writing your biography when you are 15 but if anything else crops up I will update as it happens, unless that update is about the place burning down in which case I will be too busy jumping through a window to type!

So last night Day 4 but not updated cos it was late and I am still fighting and winning against this head cold Mrs Storm informed me that she had secured a 4ft commission piece for a chap who wants his wife painted in the nude, her not me, which is a fabulous job, not just cos its a nudey lady! Mrs Storm will be doing the photography so it will actually be tastefully done, if it was left up to me I shudder to think.

So then I got to the gallery this morning and oped up my online shop sales and found that overnight for some inexplicable reason I had sold an assortment of prints (11) overnight A1's, A2's and A3's...no idea why or how or what or who, must have been people cheering themselves up on a cold dark wet winters Monday, but whatever the reason...good on em!!!!
Right back to some Bob Marley and Hot Ribena!! :)

Tasteful Nudey Lady

Print Orders  :)

Bob Marley ONE LOVE!!!

Hot Ribena mmmmmmmmmmm!

12 Dec 2011

DAY 3 tell me why I don't mind mondays!

Well yesterday, Sunday yesterday was a bit slow but not bad as a couple of prints sold which is nice! The weather was lousy and I caught a chill and sore throat but got home to Mrs Storm  and she dosed me up with her patented lemon honey and ginger and I am back in the gallery and fighting fit and fending off the advances of Charles Saatchi, bloody bugger! LMAO
Well now its Monday and here I am again, its been interesting already, sold another print and had an interesting chat with a lady who is a poet, artist, photographer and charity collector. So far unlike Bob Geldof I don't mind Mondays!!

11 Dec 2011


Ok so now I will be doing each days update on the following day because its been way too busy to do it as it happens and when I get home I just want tea and toast and bed! LOL
So yesterday day 2 was great. Had a lot of very interesting chats about the show and the work with everyone from the local postman James Bond (I kid you not) and a lady psychologist and a whole bunch of other people inbetween.
Its the best part of the whole process meeting and chatting to people about the work and getting their reactions and opinions.
Then in the afternoon a very dear friend came from Paris to visit the show, Natalie is an incredibly talented artisan, her work appears in museums and opera houses and on the backs of catwalk models modelling for the finest Haute Couture houses the world over.  Then my freind Stealer Artman turned up and we had a great afternoon just chomping on chocolate cake and shooting the breeze about every subject under the sun and I sold my painting 'The Inexplicable Placement of Random Objects and Convoluted Painting Titles', so all in all a fabulous day!!!


10 Dec 2011


Well day 1 was very cool, withing a couple of mins of opening up a guy came in to have a look around and after a few minutes we started talking about art, 2 hours later we were still there talking about art, then he got his smart phone out and showed me some of his work, it was at that point that I thought it was time to pack up and go home LMAO, his painting were absolutely stunnin. Christian is from Chile, he emigrated to New York and blagged his way into one of its most prestigious art schools. He then left New York and went to Poland where he opened his own Salsa dance school, then from there he ended up here in blighty and now has his own art school in East London and he also paints for a living too. He was a really nice geniune guy, even said he would take me and my work to introduce me to his gallery down in Mayfair, woooo woooo, not  bad start to the week, ok well technically it was Friday but was the satart of my week or  two. He even gave me some technical tips and said he really like the 'My Wei', a huge compliment!!!


Ok I know I'm a bit behind with the old blog so I am now in the gallery catching up.
The opening night of the solo show was a fairly subdued affair, well as subdued as you can get prancing around in a mask, slightly risque trousers and a diamonte bullet proof vest!
It was great to see some old friends who had braved the horrendous weather to come take a look at my wares. (oooer)
So until the 24th of December I am now artist in residence/gallerist/chief cook and bottle washer, so if you are out and about and want to say hi, come on down, it will be great too see ya!

With my old friend Tom the model for the painting behind us 'Ghetto Blaster'

3 Dec 2011

Me and Him

Visited Gallery 90 today and was lucky enough to get a drawing lesson for free from an artist that really knows how to put pen/brush/tea to paper.  Carne Griffiths was at G90 giving a demonstration of how he creates his stunning images.  Carne will be there again tomorrow (Sunday 4th December) from 12 noon to 6 pm.  If you can get there you really should, not only will you get to see all of the stunning work in his solo show, you will also get to see how he creates it!  A rare treat!