31 Oct 2011


Here's a sneaky peak at one of the new oils for my solo show!


Well now they have found a lost Da Vinci oil and its going to be the main attraction at the new Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery. Never before and its likely that never again in the future will so many well know Da Vinci's be seen together in one place.
The Moaning Lisa wont be there, I imagine they could not get an insurer to cover that one in transit, surely UPS could have carried it over to the UK for 100 Euros!
I was intrigued to discover that there were so many apparently lost Da Vinci's lurking around the world, I mean I have half a dozen sitting in my studio, shall we start the bidding at £150,000,000? or two for £500! ;)

Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan, runs from 9 November 2011 to 5 February 2012


Come on now, seriously I mean really! People have been mocking my cutting edge dress sense for years now, how very dare they! In fact one dealer said "how do you expect us to take you seriously dressed like that?".

However take a look at Grayson Perry in last weeks Radio Times. Now that 'IS' an outfit and a half, and they have allowed him to curate an exhibition at the V&A (tomb of the unknown craftsman) and he won the Turner Prize, now if Grayson can get away with it than so can I.




Got to the Afforable Art Fair in Hampsted on Saturday. I believe its the first time they have had one there and by the looks of it its going to be a popular venue, it was crowded and there was lots of art going out the doors and nice to see the fair has set a maximum price of £4000 for any one piece, with a majotity of it being well under. They have fairs all over the world, if you can get to one its well worth a visit!

28 Oct 2011


Times must be hard for the banking world. I went for a meeting at my bank today Coutts & Co in the Strand and instead of the usual cappuccino and selection of Belgian chocolate biscuits all I got was normal coffee and a plate of Hobnobs!!
This my friends is an OUTRAGE!!!!

27 Oct 2011


Looking forward to seeing Big Ray Winstone playing Jack Regan in the Sweeny! If anyone can pull it off I am sure Ray can.
I am slo looking forward to hopefully painting him real soon, a mutual friend is putting the proposal to him and I am just waiting for a relpy, so fingers crossed, although I imagine he's a bit busy at the mo.
As far as I know Ray has only been painted once before, by one of my favourite artists Mitch Griffiths so if I do get to do it then even doing the job half as well as Mitch will be a stretch!!!

26 Oct 2011


If you get the chance check out the Last Tuesday Society, they have a great shop in Hackney East London, an Aladins cave for all things weird and wonderful and they also have exhibitions and talks and all sorts of lovely goings on.
They also regurally have Masked Balls, the next one is on Halloween and they are fabulous, lots of decadent shenanigans tons of fabulous costumes and beautiful people, I mean hey you'll find me there and great music too. So if like me you like a dance in your mask check them out you'll have a wonderful time!


Long Arm of the Law

UK Based artist JPS got a knock on the door last night by some of her majesty's finest who had come to see the rapscallion who had been beautifying the Seaside Town of Weston-Super-Mare with his unique brand of street art or grafitti for the purests amongst you, after an anonymous tip off.
After a grilling over a cuppa and a custard cream surprisingly no arrest followed, so no charges and they left with a lovely print of JPS's fabulous 'Use The Force' painting for their station. NICE!

Dale Grimshaw

If you are in London before the 29th of October, get yourself down to Signal Gallery, 32 Paul Street EC2A 4LB and feast your eyes on the wonderful works of Dale Grimshaw. I love Dale's work and I am sure you will too, and he is there each Saturday so you can get to have a chat with he man himself. Another one of my favourite artists.

25 Oct 2011

Mason Occupies Kind Of

So today I needed some new oil paints and as I have a social conscience I thought I am not gonna buy them and contribute to the corporate machine I am going to get them for free, so I decided not to shop lift them, shoplifting is so 1980's I decided I would rob a church poor box and buy them with the cash of true believers.
So I thought hmmm St Paul's now that's a big old church they must have a huge poor box, so I got down there quick smart only to find the place was shut, he first time since the blitz!!!
There were all these protesters protesting about the banks and the credit crunch, I kind of sympathised but the credit crunch never actually affected me so I was being a bit hypocritical, so I thought I know I will sit in with them for a couple of days only to be told there were no Sauna or Spa facilities, and I would have to take a 15 minute walk to get my morning Frappuccino and pan au chocolat, rubbish!
But I did meet these lovely people who also have a thing for masks so it was a complete waste of time. And as for the oil paints, I got all 80's put on my leg warmers fashioned my locks into a great mullet and went and shoplifted them from Alantis! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Oi Mate You're Bard!!!

I know its not strictly 'art' in a stuff on canvas kinda way but there is a new film out which is the arts and it's about Shakespeare and plays are in the arts, so lets just say for the sake of argument, and I do love a good argument that it is all art!
The new film explores the idea that Shakespeare did not actually write all those lovely plays. I love a bit of Shakespeare me but I am not that bothered if he wrote them or not, surely the main point is the wonderful body of work.
The people who are most up in arms are the shops and business's in Stratford-Upon-Avon, think of the tea towel sellers, and all those pubs!!!!
The film anonymous looks great but I don't think it will have too much impact on Shakespeare legacy, and as the film looks great it's always worth a look!

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

24 Oct 2011

A Pic or Two

As my solo show approaches I will be revealing bits and bobs of what's going into the show, this one has been out and about for a while so you can have a look see. The others are closely guarded secrets, well actually the very new ones are, or at least will be when I get around to actually finishing them!

This one is called My Wei. Its a 20'x30' oil of Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. This one was done to highlight the fact that he had been banged up in prison by the Chinese Government. They had let him out before the paint was even dry, miserable buggers!!

Great Show Coming Up

I am having a solo show at G90 (90 Mountgrove Road, London N5 2LT) in December but before that there is another show that you definitely won't want to miss.
The show is buy one of mine and Mrs Storms favourite artists, Carne Griffiths. Carne's work is exquisite, he paints beautiful images using inks and tea, they are delicate but very powerful, if you love fabulous art then you really need to see this show!!

The Affordable Art Fair London

Me and Mrs Storm went to the affordable art fair this weekend and after my clash with the Frieze security guard and the overall poshnoshness of the whole thing I wasa hoping for better, and we got it. The Victoria Line tube was cancelled which meant a frighteningly long journey of trains busses and tubes. So we drove, Mrs Storm too to the wheel and we envisaged loads of delays and holdups. However the journey was an absolute breeze and actually very enjoyable.
The next worry was about parking, if we could not get parking in Battersea park we would need to get some native guides to help us make the walk fromVictoria where the nearest car park was. However much to our suprise and delight the AAF had parking, wait for this, right outside the venue and get this, it was free!!! Result!!


 The AAF is a much more relaxed affair than the Frieze with some stunning and affordable art on show. They have another one next week on Hampsted Heath so if you get a chance get on down to it, it will be very groovey indeed, and if you see me there I may even buy you a coffee, just look for the twit in the balaclava!!

Ha Ha Got it!

Well hello there web wide world, I am all blogged up!!!
So what can I rant about today? Ok I know its a bit late but I am gonna moan up about Frieze, the most prestigious art fair in Europe.
First things first, the row with the security guard, I hadn't even got into the venue when the guard told me A) I could not bring my camera in with me, and B) I could not bring in a bunch of leaflets advertising my solo show. Heads clashed but intelligence won the day and in me and Mrs Storm sauntered with my lovely man bag (not hand bag) full of solo show leaflets and my camera!
They did get their own back though, by A) finding my leaflets in one of their leaflet dispensers and promptly disposing of them in a bin and B) Charging us eight million quid for 2 blueberry muffins and two cups of tea.
All in all it was a bit disappointing.

And why oh why do all posh gallery staff wear black from head to toe like professional mourners? And why do they all weigh about 3 stone? Do the pounds conversion for yourselves! professional artistic mourners and how come they are all about 25 and weigh three ston

Cant Get Te Han of This

Ok so here I am on the blog (oooer) and am not sure if I am doing it right but if I am boy will you guys have some wonderful things to read in the very near future!!!