24 Oct 2011

Ha Ha Got it!

Well hello there web wide world, I am all blogged up!!!
So what can I rant about today? Ok I know its a bit late but I am gonna moan up about Frieze, the most prestigious art fair in Europe.
First things first, the row with the security guard, I hadn't even got into the venue when the guard told me A) I could not bring my camera in with me, and B) I could not bring in a bunch of leaflets advertising my solo show. Heads clashed but intelligence won the day and in me and Mrs Storm sauntered with my lovely man bag (not hand bag) full of solo show leaflets and my camera!
They did get their own back though, by A) finding my leaflets in one of their leaflet dispensers and promptly disposing of them in a bin and B) Charging us eight million quid for 2 blueberry muffins and two cups of tea.
All in all it was a bit disappointing.

And why oh why do all posh gallery staff wear black from head to toe like professional mourners? And why do they all weigh about 3 stone? Do the pounds conversion for yourselves! professional artistic mourners and how come they are all about 25 and weigh three ston

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