24 Oct 2011

The Affordable Art Fair London

Me and Mrs Storm went to the affordable art fair this weekend and after my clash with the Frieze security guard and the overall poshnoshness of the whole thing I wasa hoping for better, and we got it. The Victoria Line tube was cancelled which meant a frighteningly long journey of trains busses and tubes. So we drove, Mrs Storm too to the wheel and we envisaged loads of delays and holdups. However the journey was an absolute breeze and actually very enjoyable.
The next worry was about parking, if we could not get parking in Battersea park we would need to get some native guides to help us make the walk fromVictoria where the nearest car park was. However much to our suprise and delight the AAF had parking, wait for this, right outside the venue and get this, it was free!!! Result!!


 The AAF is a much more relaxed affair than the Frieze with some stunning and affordable art on show. They have another one next week on Hampsted Heath so if you get a chance get on down to it, it will be very groovey indeed, and if you see me there I may even buy you a coffee, just look for the twit in the balaclava!!

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