25 Nov 2011

Sacred or Profane? Him not me!!!

Just reading Andrew Graham Dixon's ' Caravaggio a life sacred and profane'. Its a right riveting read although at times Mr Dixon does seem to be treating it more like an art lecture rather than a biography, however it's very well researched and constructed and does add flesh to the bones of the character of Caravaggio.
Funny how the title of his book is very similar to the title of my solo show! ;)

24 Nov 2011


Now we all know I like a bit of Hirst, I mean I like his work not any particular part of the actual Mr Hirst. It now appears that he has been chosen as the artist to represent Team GB for 2012, with the Tate doing a big Hirst show apparently.
With all of the talent out there surely at such a huge event with the worlds eyes on London, the Arts Council, the Government and the Tate could have chosen another artist or a few of them to showcase. Its not as if Mr Hirst needs the exposure.
Then agin he does hang out with lots of millionaires and thats really what the Olypics are about. Maybe he could produce a special piece, a sheep with a javeline through its head? Or how about the hammer using his diamond encrusted skull as the ball bit?
How much money in security alone is it going to cost the tax payers to look after that skull and all the other bits and bobs??? And I bet he gets a bloody ticket for the 100m final!!!!

19 Nov 2011

Oooh Super Duper Give Away

So my solo show approaches and as I don't want to be the only twit in a mask I am giving away this free print for anyone who turns up in a mask.
Rules are simple, arrive at the door in your mask and walk in with it on, present yourself to me and I will give you a print, then you can take it off and not feel a twit all evening, and no sharing masks and passing it out the door to a mate, its unhygienic and will cost me fortune.
The print will be an edition limited to the number given out, so any left over at the end of the night will be destroyed, yes you heard me destroyed never to be printed again!
The print, pictured below is called 'A Pound of Flesh', hope you like it!!! And no I wont swap it for something decent!!! LMAO


Myself and Mrs Storm were at the Carne Griffiths solo show yesterday, and it was very groovey indeed. A great turn out and some stunning work, if you can get there, see that you do, that's an order, of sorts, lol
pics to follow!!

14 Nov 2011

Pin Ups

If you can get along to The Gallery Liverpool before the 3rd of December I suggest you do, that way you can get to see the stunning portraits by the fabulous artist Sadie Lee.

Sadie's portraits are stunning and not to be missed.

Pin Ups runs until 3rd December 2011 at The Gallery Liverpool,  Stanhope Street, Liverpool L5RE

10 Nov 2011

Watching Paint Dry

People often remark that the life of an artist must be romantic, and poetic and one long creative journey, and they also say I would love to do that, my job is soooo boring its like watching paint dry, well listen up office dwellers I am sitting here literally watching paint dry.
Oh how I long for the gossip by the water cooler, nicking an extra 10 minutes at lunch, perfecting the art of sneaking out early or sneaking in late, the never ending cups of coffee, the endless supply of free stationery, the office christmas party, the paid holidays, phoning in sick when you are actually at the Glastonbury Festival, hiding someones desk or eating somone elses Digestives!
The life of an artist is not always like they portray in films, I dont lounge around in a frilly shirt drinking Absynth or taking copious amounts of Laudenum and opiates, on the plus side I have never cut my ear off and shot myself either.
So here I am sitting here watching paint dry in a freezing studio drinking my own cup of tea out of my own mug and dunking my own Digestive into it!
Would I change any of it??

8 Nov 2011

In The Loop

If you are out and about and pop into a gallery see if they have a copy of Galleries Magazine. This freeebie mag is brilliant with lists and maps of galleries all over the country and a list of all the up and coming shows, and in the Dec issue an ad for a very special show, mine!! Arf!

If you cant find a copy then you can go to their site which is equally as informative!


6 Nov 2011


Popped along to the British Museum today to take a look at Grayson Perry's 'Tomb of The unknown Craftsman' exhibition, and what a wonderful thing it was. The mix of the new and the old and Graysons interpretation of modern contemporary against what was once contemporary but is now historical was spot on. The sculptures were my favourite pieces, although the huge tapestry piece was very impressive.
Well worth a visit!! Beware, this is a timed ticket event so be prepared as you may have a later viewing than you want, but like I said, well worth a visit!!

3 Nov 2011

Last Tuesday on a Thursday

Just been to see an exhibition at the Last Tuesday Society's gallery and shop in Hackney. The paintings and drawings by Tilly Losch and Leonora Carrington were really nice indeed and the shop was the perfect setting. If you are interested in anything, weird or strange or macabre or just plain interesting then the shop is the perfect place for you, its certainly the perfect place for me, I love it. Everytime I go there time stands still and I end up spending way too much.
The Late Tuesday Society also organise some fabulous Masked Balls, so get on line and check them out, thoroughly good eggs!



What am I thinking??
With the new show on it's way I want to make sure there is something available for everyone. I appreciate times are tough so I wan't to make sure everyone can take home a little piece of me (oooer) if they wish too, without breaking the bank.
So what there will be available is:
The original Oil's,
Great value but dear enough!

A2 Print
This Giclee print will be printed on high quality paper with archival inks
Great value but still a stretch if things are tight!

A3 Print
The A3 will be a budget version of the A2 print but obviously smaller and on a slightly lower grade paper but very affordable and still great quality!

Lovely glossy postcards which certainly won't break the bank

So there ya go I hope that helps, any cheaper and I would be giving them away, Oh hang on a mo I am. Yes if you join in the spirit of the show and turn up in a mask then you will be given a special print being created just for the show. The prints will be numbered asthey are given out and at the end of the night any remaining pints will be destroyed, so however many are given out will determine the issue size. Blimey how good am I? ;)


Visited Elstree Studios today to see John Schoonraad from Lifecast.co.uk John and his team are without doubt among the worlds best creatives and John has got to be the worlds number one life caster.
The workshop was full of some stunning bits and pieces which I can't show you because of copyright legaliteis and the fact that a lot of the stuff is for films which are currently in the making.
At one point John reached into a big old laundry bag and whipped out a dead dog! It was a prop he had created for the TV series Top Boy, the scene with the dog aired last night and I can tell you the prop was absolutely stunning looked and weighed the same as a dog, just brilliant.
John was sorting out some prices for me for a couple of projects next year and I can't wait to get started on them. Pop to his site and take a look at some of his fabulous work!
Oh and he makes a decent cuppa too!

This is the real dog, John's version was of the dog hanging dead in a garage! Nice!!

 This is John with the prop dog, its absolutely brilliant!!!

2 Nov 2011

Sneaky Peeks!

Here is another sneaky peak of a pic for my December solo show, its title is ' The Burning Question' and is a painting of Alysha who won my Facebook competition to become the face of one of my paintings. Everyone was asked to send in their face for the comp, and hers was the best due to her thinking (dare I use management speak?) outside of the traditional box!
She is the Daughter of a fellow artist ad friend who named the painting for me.


If you are in the Hoxton/Shoreditch/Dalstson/City or any other London location then if you get a chance get yourself down to 50 Redchurch Street E2 and see Nocturnal, a solo show by Snik Ellis.
Snik and a handful of artists are really elevating the art of stencils to a whole new level. His latest show has some fabulous pieces in it and definitely worth a visit if you can get there before the 5th of November. Bring your credit cards, you will want to buy!


If you didn't see the BBC programme on Grayson Perry last night get a look at it on the Iplayer. Out of a lot of the 'top' artists around Perry is withouth doubt one of the mosy un-pretentious and grounded, get past the girlie frocks and the wicked motorbike suit and he seems like one of the lads, and his work is fabulous!

1 Nov 2011

Love This Guys Work!

If you like amusing, beautiful original photos then you need to check this guy out, I think his work is absolutely brilliant, but dont just take my word for it go take a look!