3 Nov 2011


Visited Elstree Studios today to see John Schoonraad from Lifecast.co.uk John and his team are without doubt among the worlds best creatives and John has got to be the worlds number one life caster.
The workshop was full of some stunning bits and pieces which I can't show you because of copyright legaliteis and the fact that a lot of the stuff is for films which are currently in the making.
At one point John reached into a big old laundry bag and whipped out a dead dog! It was a prop he had created for the TV series Top Boy, the scene with the dog aired last night and I can tell you the prop was absolutely stunning looked and weighed the same as a dog, just brilliant.
John was sorting out some prices for me for a couple of projects next year and I can't wait to get started on them. Pop to his site and take a look at some of his fabulous work!
Oh and he makes a decent cuppa too!

This is the real dog, John's version was of the dog hanging dead in a garage! Nice!!

 This is John with the prop dog, its absolutely brilliant!!!

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