10 Nov 2011

Watching Paint Dry

People often remark that the life of an artist must be romantic, and poetic and one long creative journey, and they also say I would love to do that, my job is soooo boring its like watching paint dry, well listen up office dwellers I am sitting here literally watching paint dry.
Oh how I long for the gossip by the water cooler, nicking an extra 10 minutes at lunch, perfecting the art of sneaking out early or sneaking in late, the never ending cups of coffee, the endless supply of free stationery, the office christmas party, the paid holidays, phoning in sick when you are actually at the Glastonbury Festival, hiding someones desk or eating somone elses Digestives!
The life of an artist is not always like they portray in films, I dont lounge around in a frilly shirt drinking Absynth or taking copious amounts of Laudenum and opiates, on the plus side I have never cut my ear off and shot myself either.
So here I am sitting here watching paint dry in a freezing studio drinking my own cup of tea out of my own mug and dunking my own Digestive into it!
Would I change any of it??

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