19 Nov 2011

Oooh Super Duper Give Away

So my solo show approaches and as I don't want to be the only twit in a mask I am giving away this free print for anyone who turns up in a mask.
Rules are simple, arrive at the door in your mask and walk in with it on, present yourself to me and I will give you a print, then you can take it off and not feel a twit all evening, and no sharing masks and passing it out the door to a mate, its unhygienic and will cost me fortune.
The print will be an edition limited to the number given out, so any left over at the end of the night will be destroyed, yes you heard me destroyed never to be printed again!
The print, pictured below is called 'A Pound of Flesh', hope you like it!!! And no I wont swap it for something decent!!! LMAO

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