3 Nov 2011


What am I thinking??
With the new show on it's way I want to make sure there is something available for everyone. I appreciate times are tough so I wan't to make sure everyone can take home a little piece of me (oooer) if they wish too, without breaking the bank.
So what there will be available is:
The original Oil's,
Great value but dear enough!

A2 Print
This Giclee print will be printed on high quality paper with archival inks
Great value but still a stretch if things are tight!

A3 Print
The A3 will be a budget version of the A2 print but obviously smaller and on a slightly lower grade paper but very affordable and still great quality!

Lovely glossy postcards which certainly won't break the bank

So there ya go I hope that helps, any cheaper and I would be giving them away, Oh hang on a mo I am. Yes if you join in the spirit of the show and turn up in a mask then you will be given a special print being created just for the show. The prints will be numbered asthey are given out and at the end of the night any remaining pints will be destroyed, so however many are given out will determine the issue size. Blimey how good am I? ;)

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