24 Jan 2012

Art is Just Like waiting for a bus!

You wait ages and they all come at once!!!
Last year was very slow for me with bits and pieces selling here and there but given the shows I did sales were lets say less than fantastic.
However since my solo show things have not stopped with sales of prints going great but more surprisingly in this times of lean economic pickings the oils seem to be more popular then they have ever been.
This oil, 'Ghetto Blaster' has been sitting with me for a while now, but finally he's gone thanks to The New Bedlam Art Asylum a company set up specifically for the nuturing and promotion of the arts in all its guises who found the buyer and organised the sale. (thankeee)
What a great start to the year and we are still in January!
I can't wait to finish off my commission pieces and get back to creating my new works for this year.
All very exciting!

23 Jan 2012

Islington Arts Unfair

I know its a rubbish title for the blog but I could not help it. I popped along to the Islington Arts Fair with Mrs Storm to check out what new and groovey shiny things were on offer, and I must say I was distinctly unimpressed.

It was like stepping back in time a year, with generally the same galleries displaying much the same artists and much the same work. The problem as far as I can see it is the cost of exhibiting there is not allowing new galleries to get a foot in and so the same old usual suspects are always there, and generally in exactly the same spot as they were last year and the year before that.
With competition in the art market getting very fierece especially in the battle of the fairs I really think the organisers of the Islington fair are going to have to have a whole re-think especially with fairs like the Affordable becoming so popular. The Affordble Art Fair added Hampstead to its list last year and took over two £2,500,000 in the four days it was open.
The Freize will always pull in the mega big hitters both galleries and buyers alike, but if Islington want to cash in on the middle and lower end price ranges they will really have to change their strategy!!!

16 Jan 2012


CIA Mickey has gone underground never to be seen again!
No he was not involved in a great conspiracy, he's just found a new home. This piece was created a year or so ago and was offered on my FB page at a discounted rate.
I will be selling off a lot of my sculptures and offering them first at a much lower rate on Facebook, if they are not snapped up there then they go on to the shop site where they await their new owners. So the moral of the story (me morals, I know!!!) is get in quick! ;)
This one stands about a foot tall, on the base there are real dollar bills and he is holding and also standing on a coin with JFK's face on it, make of that whatever you will.

Sculptures Away!!!!

After having sold a few paintings recently and wishing to embark on some new sculpting projects in 2012, I have now put some of my older sculptures on my shop site www.bedlamartasylum.bogcartel.com
Each piece will be offered at a vastly discounted rate to my Facebook chums and if there are no takers then they will go on the site at the full price.
So if anyone wants to get their hands on a piece of Storms back catalogue at a knock down price then they will have to be quick!

10 Jan 2012

Bye Bye Banksy

Well now looks like my connection to Banksy has finally been severed as I have a buyer for the big Banksy portrait.

Bitter sweet really, I am always delighted to sell a piece but a bit sad to see him go, he was essentially a whole year of fun culminating in the Revelations exhibition where I hooked up with and got to know a whole host of FB friends, artists and non artists alike.

The whole reveal was centered around that painting so its a bit of fave but now its going to a new home and the best thing is it's going because someone really likes it, and after all thats what its all about!! :)


Shameless Capitalism

Blimey you wait a month and two come along at once, I am like an artistic bus, no jokes about the back end of said bus please!

Just a note to say that after much poking and prodding and death threats from the Vatican and Knights Templar I have released 'Icons' as an A2 limited edition giclee print.

Its my version of one of my favourite paintings, Supper at Emmaus by one of my favourite painters Caravaggio.

You can get them here http://www.bedlamartasylum.bigcartel.com/

Get in quick before the Pope snaps them all up!!!

Ooooh Hello

Bless me father for I have sinned, its been nearly a month since my last blog.

It's been a while since I was updating during my solo show, I was struck down with near fatal man flu so updating was the last thing on my mind, and then it was Christmas and then it was new year and now it's now, so happy 2012, even if it is an Olympic year!

So to update you, the solo show went really well, sold 2 originals and a shed load of prints and also got a couple of commissions, which is nice, so all in all I am really pleased. I would like to thank eveyone who helped out with the show, Mrs Storm especially, everyone who visited and everyone who was kind enough to buy my work, the money aside it's always a thrill that someone likes your work enough to part with their hard earned cash for it, I really do appreciate it.

Now as for 2012 I think it's time I got back to some 3D work, so I think this year I will be doing a lot more sculpture and the like.  I am hoping do produce some work along the lines of the type of thing Ron Mueck, Marc Sijan, Sam Jinks and Jamie Salmon do. I will keep you posted on developments! :)

I am also working on a portfolio/catalogue which is a nightmare, so many files in so many places!!

Stuunning Sculpture
by Sam Jinks