10 Jan 2012

Ooooh Hello

Bless me father for I have sinned, its been nearly a month since my last blog.

It's been a while since I was updating during my solo show, I was struck down with near fatal man flu so updating was the last thing on my mind, and then it was Christmas and then it was new year and now it's now, so happy 2012, even if it is an Olympic year!

So to update you, the solo show went really well, sold 2 originals and a shed load of prints and also got a couple of commissions, which is nice, so all in all I am really pleased. I would like to thank eveyone who helped out with the show, Mrs Storm especially, everyone who visited and everyone who was kind enough to buy my work, the money aside it's always a thrill that someone likes your work enough to part with their hard earned cash for it, I really do appreciate it.

Now as for 2012 I think it's time I got back to some 3D work, so I think this year I will be doing a lot more sculpture and the like.  I am hoping do produce some work along the lines of the type of thing Ron Mueck, Marc Sijan, Sam Jinks and Jamie Salmon do. I will keep you posted on developments! :)

I am also working on a portfolio/catalogue which is a nightmare, so many files in so many places!!

Stuunning Sculpture
by Sam Jinks

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