13 Dec 2011

Day 5

Ok now I know the last one I did was day 3 but that also incorporated day 4 beause nothing much happened in between so I am actually doing today today, which is a bit like writing your biography when you are 15 but if anything else crops up I will update as it happens, unless that update is about the place burning down in which case I will be too busy jumping through a window to type!

So last night Day 4 but not updated cos it was late and I am still fighting and winning against this head cold Mrs Storm informed me that she had secured a 4ft commission piece for a chap who wants his wife painted in the nude, her not me, which is a fabulous job, not just cos its a nudey lady! Mrs Storm will be doing the photography so it will actually be tastefully done, if it was left up to me I shudder to think.

So then I got to the gallery this morning and oped up my online shop sales and found that overnight for some inexplicable reason I had sold an assortment of prints (11) overnight A1's, A2's and A3's...no idea why or how or what or who, must have been people cheering themselves up on a cold dark wet winters Monday, but whatever the reason...good on em!!!!
Right back to some Bob Marley and Hot Ribena!! :)

Tasteful Nudey Lady

Print Orders  :)

Bob Marley ONE LOVE!!!

Hot Ribena mmmmmmmmmmm!

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