11 Dec 2011


Ok so now I will be doing each days update on the following day because its been way too busy to do it as it happens and when I get home I just want tea and toast and bed! LOL
So yesterday day 2 was great. Had a lot of very interesting chats about the show and the work with everyone from the local postman James Bond (I kid you not) and a lady psychologist and a whole bunch of other people inbetween.
Its the best part of the whole process meeting and chatting to people about the work and getting their reactions and opinions.
Then in the afternoon a very dear friend came from Paris to visit the show, Natalie is an incredibly talented artisan, her work appears in museums and opera houses and on the backs of catwalk models modelling for the finest Haute Couture houses the world over.  Then my freind Stealer Artman turned up and we had a great afternoon just chomping on chocolate cake and shooting the breeze about every subject under the sun and I sold my painting 'The Inexplicable Placement of Random Objects and Convoluted Painting Titles', so all in all a fabulous day!!!


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