10 Dec 2011


Well day 1 was very cool, withing a couple of mins of opening up a guy came in to have a look around and after a few minutes we started talking about art, 2 hours later we were still there talking about art, then he got his smart phone out and showed me some of his work, it was at that point that I thought it was time to pack up and go home LMAO, his painting were absolutely stunnin. Christian is from Chile, he emigrated to New York and blagged his way into one of its most prestigious art schools. He then left New York and went to Poland where he opened his own Salsa dance school, then from there he ended up here in blighty and now has his own art school in East London and he also paints for a living too. He was a really nice geniune guy, even said he would take me and my work to introduce me to his gallery down in Mayfair, woooo woooo, not  bad start to the week, ok well technically it was Friday but was the satart of my week or  two. He even gave me some technical tips and said he really like the 'My Wei', a huge compliment!!!

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