24 Jan 2012

Art is Just Like waiting for a bus!

You wait ages and they all come at once!!!
Last year was very slow for me with bits and pieces selling here and there but given the shows I did sales were lets say less than fantastic.
However since my solo show things have not stopped with sales of prints going great but more surprisingly in this times of lean economic pickings the oils seem to be more popular then they have ever been.
This oil, 'Ghetto Blaster' has been sitting with me for a while now, but finally he's gone thanks to The New Bedlam Art Asylum a company set up specifically for the nuturing and promotion of the arts in all its guises who found the buyer and organised the sale. (thankeee)
What a great start to the year and we are still in January!
I can't wait to finish off my commission pieces and get back to creating my new works for this year.
All very exciting!

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