24 Nov 2011


Now we all know I like a bit of Hirst, I mean I like his work not any particular part of the actual Mr Hirst. It now appears that he has been chosen as the artist to represent Team GB for 2012, with the Tate doing a big Hirst show apparently.
With all of the talent out there surely at such a huge event with the worlds eyes on London, the Arts Council, the Government and the Tate could have chosen another artist or a few of them to showcase. Its not as if Mr Hirst needs the exposure.
Then agin he does hang out with lots of millionaires and thats really what the Olypics are about. Maybe he could produce a special piece, a sheep with a javeline through its head? Or how about the hammer using his diamond encrusted skull as the ball bit?
How much money in security alone is it going to cost the tax payers to look after that skull and all the other bits and bobs??? And I bet he gets a bloody ticket for the 100m final!!!!

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