2 Sep 2012

The Book Thing

So I announced this week that I was writing a book about my journeys through the world of contemporary and urban art, and boy what a stir it's causing. I have been involved with the 'arts' for about 30 years and only came to the world of urban art relatively recently, 4 to 5 years, so I have seen plenty of comings and goings in my time.
I have also met and worked with some extraordinary people during that time, I have had the privilege to meet and be taught by and become friends with some of this countries most talented artists and am very happy that I can call a number of them very good friends.
However! I have also experienced some of the worst that the art world has to offer to, I have been able to observe the ruthless coming and goings from the sidelines as a spectator and as a victim and a player in the dramas so I thought I would document it, as it would make for a good read, well I'll enjoy it at the very least!

So the book is about me, art, artists, the true professionals, the scammers, the wannabes, the duckers and divers,  the rip off merchants, the big talkers, the fakes, the personalities the people that do and the people that don't, the unprofessional galleries, dealers, promoters and agents, bad business partners, bad business, the auction houses, the hangers on, the haters, the lovely people and all those in between.

As I said I have spent a lot more time in the contemporary art world than I have in the urban/street art world however the reaction from the street art world has been amusing. Already threats of legal action, violence, some demanding to be left out some demanding to be left in, lots of gossip thrown my way lots of bitching and sniping and people wanting me to settle scores for them by passing info on others! Oooooh lordy its going to be one hot potato. Hopefully it will be complete in about a year or so, depending on what pops up in the meantime!

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