2 Sep 2012

Must Make More of An Effort

Its been a while since I did my blog but as only about 1 person ever reads it there have not been howls of derision at its absence, so whats new pussycat?
Lets think.
Well the Olympics came and went, and now the Paralympics have arrived and I have been having arguments about which Paralympians I could beat but lets not go there for fear of causing offence!

So since the last bloggette I have another painting completed, with 4 more on the go, its a nightmare of gargantuan proportions but its does make you work harder and that helps make you more manic and creative! That's a little peek of 'Pimp My Child' a painting about those horrific children's pageants they have in the USA that are making their way over to the UK.

Stunning Portrait by Sadie Lee

On Thursday myself and Mrs Storm headed out into deepest darkest Hoxton to see a couple of shows, one a solo show by the super talented Sadie Lee, I love Sadies work and she is a top lady too so a double bonus for a Thursday, and then we trotted a few street over to see the Team Robbo show which was choc full of some really nice pieces of work!


What else happened? Oh I was in a show down in Weston Super Mare curated and staged by the lovely Lilly Kate Hillage and the , well lets just say Jamie Scanlon LMAO, it was a show of collaborations and I collaborated with Stealer Artman. I had done a computer generated piece of the virgin Mary and he painted his own version on top of it and we then covered it in clear resin, came out very nice indeed, dont think any bugger has bought it though, Philistines!!!!
Mine and Stealers Co Act

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