29 Jul 2012

The Weeks Are Flying By!

Well now this week was a little bit less hectic.

Lets see now what happened? Well the new work is flying along handsomely, Mummies Little Solider is finished and Luke 18:16 has also bitten the dust, and number 3 is hot on its heels and number 4 is not much further behind that, with another few roughed out in need for some serious work. All in all I think that the whole body of work for the New York show will be done and dusted by the end of Sept....PHEW!

                                                                        LUKE 18:16 (detail)

This week I met with the gallerist who is putting on the New York show, was a good meeting cos he bought the beer, so there's a bonus right away! we had a chat about how to promote the show and the theme on the opening night, its going to be a very Mason Storm affair! LOL No details yet, don't want to spoil the surprise!


The Olympics started and I am looking forward to seeing some Judo, not sure how well team GB's Judo will go but still good to cheer the chaps and chapess's on.


                                                                 GB's Winston Gordon

Saturday I went with Mrs Storm to visit the David Bailey exhibition at the Royal Docks, just down the road from the Olympic venues. The exhibition was great, it was chosen by Bailey himself and showed the old East End as it was and the new East End as it is, from the grim 60's up to about 2010, some lovely images of his I have never seen before.


Entered an open call for a show and got a piece of my sculpture excepted which is very cool indeed, and it's even cooler as Mrs Storm had one of her photos accepted too so we get to exhibit together again! :)

Ooooh also joined a new gym, its very posh with all sorts of goodies, a swimming pool and boxing/cage fight training area and lots of lovely free weights and all the latest machine weights, and the best part is it doesn't smell, I'm getting too old for crowded smelly gyms! LMAO


So it was a subdued week, one where work was the order of the day, I will seek to redress the balance very soon! LMAO


                                                         Roll on Monday!

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