2 Jul 2012


Well now this Sunday saw me and Nicky (Mrs Storm) back in the studio to do some more photography for the New York solo show. We have been creating images to use as reference for the finished oil paintings. (see earlier posts, or dont bother if you can't be bothered)

We had 2 shoots booked the first one was with Maria, a wee person who was fabulous, she turned up had all her own costumes and was very professional and very nice indeed. The shoot only took about 30 or 40 minutes, Nicky doing the photos while I directed, sounds like I know what I am doing but it was basically me saying er do this er could you do that? etc etc.

We got the results we wanted, so were all geared up for the second shoot. The model we had booked for this one was booked independently and not through an agency.

She was due to arrive at 2.30pm but at 2.45 said she was stuck in traffic and not moving, so we only had the studio util 4pm so we had to cancel her as she said there was no way she could make it, which was a real disappointment as it now means that puts us back and the pressure is now on to get 3 shoots done the next time we are in the sutdio.  Still we got one shoot completed so you can't complain, well you actually can complain but no bugger will be listening! LMAO

Me and Maria

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