23 Jul 2012


Well now, another week is over and another one has just begun, that sounds quite philosophical, and I can only hope that's the correct spelling!
So now last week, where to begin?
Spent most of the week running around gathering bits and bobs for the weeknd photoshoot, props and clothes of all shapes and sizes for my fabulous models.
But before that there was friday, and the chace to be an extra in the new Hellraiser movie, I would love to show you a pic or two from the set but I can't because the makers would have the house, the Venice flat and the collection of luxury soft furnishings off me. Suffice to say it was a long old day. We got covered in bloody goo, then we got to lay down in a big pile of half nakedness for a few hours where we were liberally sprayed with more red goo....delightful!
Then as an interesting contrast in the evening myself and Mrs Storm attended a lecture by the chap off the Culture Show who was talking about Caravaggio, my fave artist. He has written a book and it's the most informative I have read, well researched and well written. Found it a bit heavy going at some points but well worth a read if you like that kinda thing, which I do.
Then on Sunday myself, Mrs Storm and about 2 tons of costumes and props arrived at the photography studio in Walthamstow for the last shoot for reference material for paintings for my New York show, did I mention I am doing a New York show? LMAO
We had 3 models in, I have posted a pic of each one but only a snippet because I dont want to give the whole game away as to what the whole theme is.
As ever the models were brilliant and Mrs Storm snapped exactly what I wanted, so now its time to get oil on canvas...booooooo!
Me and the model Damien

                                                              Me with my model Kane
                                                               Me with my model Layla

And then comes Sunday evening/Monday morning and a painting is done, with a second hot on it's heels, so here is a sneaky peek at one of them entitled 'Mummies Little Soldier', and shhhhhh dont tell anyone about it, it's just between us! ;)
                                                                Mummies Little Soldier

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