27 Jun 2012


Bless me father for I have sinned, it's been a long while since my last confession, I mean Blog, probably cos I forgot the flippin password to this page! LMAO
So what's been happening? Not much really other than me being gloriously magnificent!! ;)

I have a solo show in New York in December (woowoo) at least I better had otherwise all this work is going to waste!

So I have a rough theme for the show which is 'What Lies Beneath?', its about the side we show people and the side we don't want them to see, its about good things and bad things, hypocrisy, double standards, hope, anti racism, anti sexism, anti bigotry, love etc etc.

So for the last few weeks myself and Mrs Storm have been in the photo studio creating the reference material images which will be turned into the oil paintings, its been hard work but a lot of fun. We have had a bunch of great models and friends helping out and we are about 2 shoots away from finishing the photography. I have 3 paintings on the go at once so its a NIGHTMARE!!!!

Below are a few pics from the shoots, hope you like them and I will update this weeks coming shoot on Sunday or Monday if I have any energy left, actually what am I talking about? Mrs Storm is doing all the photography, I just swan around like Steven Speilberg, but am about as dynamic as Stephen Hawking!

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