28 Jun 2012

Bits and Bobs

There was me running away with myself and I haven't updated you on the other stuff between the old solo show and now so ok here goes.

Had a couple of pieces in a show in Weston Super Mare called 'Reserrection' put on by an artist called Jamie Paul Scanlon, the idea was that artists would paint images of the famous and infamous who are no longer with us.  I put in an A1 framed print entitled 'Death List 1' which sold, another A1 print called 'Messiah for Life' which didn't and my oil of Sir Thomas More which did sell so all in all not a bad show at all, and I got mentioned in the local rag as one of the top players in the urban art field, the mad fools!!! LMAO

Now usually I do an oil and then produce a print run from that however I did the Messiah for Life print which was a manipulated photo and did a print run of it. Then someone saw the prints and wanted to know if they could buy the original oil? I said it doesn't exist so they basically said "make it so" and I did and it's now sitting happily in its new home up in Cheshire.

Oh and further down the list of blogs you can see the photo of portrait competition winner 'Louise' and I never updated it, so here you can see her photo and the finished oil.
                                                                LESS IS NOT MORE

                                                        Competition Winner LOUISE


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