17 Dec 2012

So it's been a while, apologese, I know you have all been sat by your computers or staring blankly at your particular chosen web device hoping that I would post, you poor things, I grieve for you I really do, I have no idea what I would do if I didn't here from me! LMAO (kidding)

Well now whats been happening?

The big things, well the New York show was called off, the gallery/dealer/promoter who promised me the show left me hanging for weeks after I had produced the work with the promise of a show, so legal proceedings will abound in the new year!

Sorting the models, the props the studios etc cost a bundle and so I hope to recoup the money, but if not its not that bad I do have a whole body of work which I am very proud of and the good news  is a gallery in London have said they will take me on which is fabulous, every cloud has its silver lining, so the new year is shaping up nicely.

Fiddler on the loose oil on canvas 2012
And then there was Apocalypse
As I hadn't been there for the Reserrection show I jumped on a train and headed for the seaside in Weston-Super-Mare to make sure I attended Apocalypse. Its was a great show with loads of great art and it was fabulous to meet up with some old friends and to meet some news ones. I had a great time signing free prints for some of the lovely people there, they reckon I was signing prints, I have convinced myself it was autographs because I'm such a star! LMAO It was fabo to be exhibiting alongside Mrs Storm again and old mate Stealer, makeing a strong London presence in what JPS referes to as the hood! LMAO. There was some brilliant work there from as far afield as the USA and France and it was really cool to get to chat to other artists who I had only ever spoken to on Disgrace Book, sorry I mean Facebook. So all in all a great day out and a fabo show.
As the theme was Apocalypse I did a painting of a Japanese Gangster, as I reckon when the end comes about it will only be the naughty ones who survive. The Yakuza pic is one in a new series of bad boys and girls. So stay tuned for further updates and a few calls for models, if your interested.
Then again why wouldn't you be??
LMAO!! :)
Yakuza Oil on Canvas
Me the superstar!! LMAO

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