20 Dec 2012

So for some Christmas can be a lonely time, and they may be in need of some friendly company, a warm welcome and something tatsy to eat. Thank God for McDonalds eh? An advert in the window of a McDonalds somewhere north of London stating, Lonely, Bored, Hungry? Join us on Christmas day for a tasty treat!! LMAO
As if its not bad enough being lonely, bored and hungry you will get to spend that special day with an apathetic acne ridden part time student serving you up soggy limp food in a cardboard container next to a leaking pee sodden toilet, sat in the window with a paper hat on crying into your onion rings, you may well want to start cutting yourself again by boxing day!
Now given the current situation with old Jimmy (now then now then) Savile you would have thought that people would think a bit before doing certain things. Now the reason I produced my 'Pimp My Child' painting was because of my annoyance at the current trends in advertising and life in general at the sexualisation of young children, its a creeping menance and one that is slowly worming its way into acceptable norms. The other day there was a big spread in the newspapers about Romeo Beckham doing some modelling. Innocent enough in itself however one photo caught my eye and I thought it was inappropriate. I am no Victorian Grandfather however I thought given his age and the provocative look of the adult female models it was not right.

If that photo had been turned on its head and there was a 10 year old girl posing with two male models who looked provocative there would have been an outcry and rightly so, but not for this image of Romeo everyone considered it 'cute'. Maybe it's just me but maybe just maybe his parents should have had a greater control over the images of their child.

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