19 Dec 2012


In answer to the question posed by Burger King on their TV advert last night which was 'What is Christmas Without Cheese'? Its Christmas you knobhead! When did Christmas become associated with cheese?? Was Jesus a member of the Dairy Product Marketing Board?

I hate when people tell you something like that and expect you to just accept it, like when they say Robbie Williams is a heart throb who can sing, or that the girl from Harry Potter is a beauty, he aint and she's not but you still see him on telly murdering the classics and her in magazines draped over a car looking as if she is bunking off school!
Oooh glad I got that off my chest!
There is an awful lot of crap on the TV, especially last night, other than the chat thing on Sky Arts with Mary Quant. There was also however a programme about the Guinness Book of Records, and there were the usual assortment of oddballs (the most number of paper aeroplanes in a mouth, yep) but there were 2 people who were quite inspirational, yes even I can be inspired by normal people (JOKE)
They were the worlds oldest bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd 77, and the worlds oldest wing walker, 92 year old Tom Lackey, two old people doing exactly what I want to do, and that's grow old disgracefully. So don't moan and groan get out and do it!
92 And doing it like a geriatric Top Gun (the good sort not the looney cult following closeted type!)
77 years old! Oooh you are rocking it sister!!!


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